Vision / Objectives / Mission



“The use of native species and the promotion of ectomycorrhizal fungi for reforestation is fundamental knowledge, practice and understanding for living, and thoroughly applied by every reforestation. Individuals, communities and organizations are able to restore forest by themselves with accurate understanding and practice, and share the reforestation concept and practice to next generations for sustainable conservation of our forest, natural resources and food.”



1.   To promote and support the study, research and creation of innovation for native species reforestation

2.  To educate communities, individuals and organizations about native species reforestation and the application of mycorrhizal fungi  and other local microorganisms for a sustainable reforestation

3.  To support native species reforestation activities with the application of mycorrhizal fungi and other local microorganisms to restore the fertility and biodiversity of an ecosystem

4.  To create awareness of forest conservation among communities through the native species reforestation activity with the application of mycorrhizal fungi and local microorganisms, leading to a sustainable participation for environmentally friendly forest restoration and conservation



Encourage, promote, and educate people the appropriate way to restore local forests, and conduct projects and perform activities to increase local forests for the world and everyone.