Reforestation Activity Fund


Reforestation Activity Fund’s aim is to receive funding support to organize native species reforestation training workshops, which include the learning since the understanding of forest ecology and different tree natures, a design of reforestation according to your objective of forest, high-quality and strong seedling cultivation, intensive planting method to ensure the high survival rate,  post-planting tending after planting seedlings in the field, and the understanding of using ectomycorrhizal fungi for the benefits of growth and health of seedlings. All of these knowledge and techniques will help you succeed in reforestation and having a fertile and strong forest like how you want it to be.

Benefits of Training Workshop:

1.  Can help to support the increase of forest area in Thailand and demonstration sites in every region, which can be the study area for exchanging knowledge about ectomycorrhizal reforestation.

2.  Successful demonstration sites set-up can become a model for other reforestation projects, which could help us restore more forest area in a faster pace.

3.  Increase of forest area can help to mitigate the impact of climate change.

4.  More people with knowledge and understanding of reforestation with native tree species and the application of ectomycorrhizal fungi to assist in reforestation, which they can become a core network to motivate the reforestation movement by the public for sustainable forest restoration and conservation.

5.  Network of people who care about forest and environment is expanded.

You can donate to Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) account no. 436-031882-0 account name “NSRF-FUND”

Remarks:  Receipt cannot be used for tax deduction.

For more information, please contact us at FB: nsrf.thai or Line: @nsrf.thai