Organizational Structure

Letter from President

Trees and forests are renewable natural resources. But if we do not know how to grow them, no principles and techniques, we will also be highly unsuccessful. During the time I have, I would like to share my knowledge and experience in reforestation to everyone. I hope that it will benefit everyone who reads and you can apply what I share on your own.

If we have a piece of land and feel ready to start growing forest, the first thing that you need to understand is “yourself”, ask yourself what kind of forest you want and what your objective of growing forest is and then “find the right knowledge”. After you have finished reading this message, please all ask yourself “what kind of forest am I growing?”. Lastly, the motto for successful reforestation for everyone:

“Grow as you can take care, Take care what you grow”

Good luck everyone,
Mr. Nopporn Nontapa
President of NSRF

Board of Committee

1.  Mr. Nopporn Nontapa                                  President

2.  Asst. Prof. Jittra Piapukiew                       Vice President

3.  Asst. Prof. Kanogwan Seraypheap           Member

4.  Ms. Yotsawadee Luetrakulset                   Member and Treasurer

5.  Asst. Prof. Chanita Paliyavuth                  Member and Secretary

6.  Mrs. Oranooch Pakarat-Rutten                 Voluntary Advisor