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“KLA-D” means “good seedling” in Thai language because this planting pot is initiated from our intention to help reducing environmental problem and produce good quality seedling for reforestation. It is friendly to seedlings, safe for the environment, and most importantly, caring for the earth and everyone on earth. We all know that “plastic” is currently a very serious problem. Thailand’s statistics of plastic trash in 2018 was 2 million tons with only 500,000 tons were able to be recycled. It means that 1.5 million tons of plastic trash remained would take 400-450 years before they will be all decomposed. That is the generation of our grandchild of grandchild. So the reduction of one-time plastic usage is urgently important.


To grow 1 rai (0.4 acre) of forest, we plant approximately 100 trees, meaning we have created at least 100 pieces of trash from plastic pots. If we grow 5-rai forest, then it is 500 pieces. How could we say we are doing for the environment then? In response to this contradiction, our foundation is very determined to design and develop a “KLA-D” pot that we could proudly say “We are truly an environmentalist.” with its properties as follows:


  • A seedling pot designed with concerns for the nature of native tree species and
  • Made from 100% natural material; lightweight
  • Can be put together in the soil with the seedling, so the roots will be safe from shocking
  • Is strong enough for 8-month seedling


Height 20 cm.

Diameter 10 cm.

Thickness 1 cm.


Ingredients: coir dust, natural glue, water


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